Communities In Schools of Virginia (CIS-VA) is pleased to join the Fund Our Schools Coalition, a statewide coalition of organizations and individuals who believe that every child in every zip code across the Commonwealth of Virginia should have access to a high-quality education.

CIS-VA and Fund Our Schools share a commitment to working with educators to create more equitable learning conditions for all students, recognizing that without this change, reengagement in learning, especially for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and students living in poverty will remain a challenge. The expansion of access to vital integrated student supports and the advancement of community schools frameworks across Virginia is essential to achieving this goal.

The stakes have never been higher for Virginia’s students as we prepare for a critical General Assembly session. We are excited to join forces with like-minded organizations to advance equity-driven, effective solutions that can only be achieved through state-level investment,” says Mark Emblidge, Ph.D, founder and director of CIS-VA.

For more than two decades, CIS-VA has been the leading provider of the community school framework and integrated student supports in K-12 schools in the Commonwealth. With a mission of surrounding students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and succeed in life, CIS-VA’s growing statewide network includes six independent affiliates that have a presence in 19 school districts. These affiliates embed site coordinators in 123 schools to provide a relationship-based and evidence-driven model of integrated student supports across three tiers of support, from whole school programming to individual case management.

Launched in 2019, Fund Our Schools is a statewide coalition of parents, students, teachers, and organizations who share a deep belief in the state’s responsibility to advance educational equity through adequate funding of public schools. Fund Our Schools is calling on lawmakers to fully and fairly fund public schools across the Commonwealth and is utilizing all of the advocacy tools of its organizational members and individual supporters to promote priorities that are grounded in racial equity and and center the voices of students, parents, teachers, and those most impacted by underfunded schools.

CIS-VA and the Fund Our Schools Coalition will be actively advocating for state investment in equitable and student-centered school supports in 2022 General Assembly session.