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Our Mission:

Founded in 1999, Communities In Schools of Virginia is part of the national Communities In School network.  Our shared mission:  Surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Communities In Schools of Virginia is currently comprised of six affiliate organizations embedded in communities across Virginia, serving 15 school systems, 101 schools and more than 56,000 students.  

Our Purpose:

At the state office, we strive to strengthen the CIS of Virginia network by providing local CIS affiliate leaders, staff and boards with the knowledge, tools and resources that build strong and sustainable organizations.  We also identify opportunities for growth and assist communities in creating and sustaining new CIS affiliates. We ensure the fidelity to the evidence-based model that has proven to deliver the right form of support to the students who need it most.

Students Served in the CIS-VA Network:

In the last decade, we more than tripled the number of students being served by the CIS model in Virginia, thanks to significant investment from the Commonwealth of Virginia which we have leveraged in the private sector and the communities we serve. Over the next ten years, we aim to double the students served in Virginia, supporting excellence in CIS program delivery to 100,000 of Virginia’s students.

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Our Model:

The cornerstone of the CIS model is integrated student support.  That means that each of our participating schools has a trained professional on-site, acting as a link to school-wide services, targeted programs and individual support based on each student’s needs. This model means that students and teachers both get the help they need to be successful. 

Our affiliates partner with local businesses, social service agencies, health care providers and volunteers to provide a coordinated system of support. Whether it’s food, school supplies, health care, counseling, academic assistance, mentorship or behavioral interventions, Communities In Schools is there to help.