Affiliate Support

In the 2019-2021 school year, CIS-VA supported its network of affiliates by:

  • Conducting 51 training sessions on 26 unique topics
  • Assisting 3 affiliates in preparing for national accreditation
  • Participating in 4 national workgroups with CIS peer experts
  • Coordinating network representation on a national cohort leading activation of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiative
  • Providing all affiliates with resources for executive coaching for staff leadership
  • Successfully advocating for new state funding to support expansion efforts
  • Providing $1,011,611 in pass-through funds to support affiliate expansion and program development
  • Convening leaders during COVID-19 response to foster collaboration and peer support

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2019-2020 Outcomes

Case-managed students across the CIS-VA network
students achieved goals
for attendance, academics
and behavior
graduating seniors
had academic and/or
career plans
seniors graduated or received a GED (91% graduated in four years)
K-11 students
advanced to the
next grade