CIS is Making a Difference in Hampton Roads

In an opinion article published in the Virginian-Pilot, Dr. Hope Sinclair and Wendy Hosick highlight the critical role CIS of Hampton Roads site coordinators play in supporting and empowering students.

A midnight phone call from a student forced to the streets after a disturbance in her emotionally-abusive home; a high school senior forced to choose between helping feed his family or keeping up with school, putting graduation at risk; empty cupboards, stomachs and bank accounts.

Each scenario is real.  In each scenario, Communities In Schools (CIS) of Hampton Roads was a lifeline.

A CIS staff member retrieved the student, took her to a safe place, and has been involved in connecting the family to resources ever since; noticing the student had not logged into school for days, a CIS staff member made a personal visit and talked through his specific barriers, resulting in re-engagement and commitment to obtaining a diploma; 18 CIS staff members regularly distribute food and supplies to students and families.

CIS was founded on the premise that relationships change lives.  During these extraordinary times, when staying connected is more important and challenging than ever, CIS empowers K-12 students with the support they need, setting them on a path of lifelong success.  As the examples above show, the roadblocks along that path often have nothing to do with academics, and everything to do with circumstances beyond any child’s control.